Renting Doors

Move-In with Lockbox Access

As an optional feature during the lease process and move in of your new home, we can offer the convenience of gaining access for the first time without having to check out keys from our office. With this optional program, renters may gain access to their new home through our lockbox for an optional additional charge of $25.00.

  1. Renters are required to pay rent and pay the $25.00 Lockbox Move-In Fee prior to being allowed access to the home. Our on-line payment system is fastest:
  2. Transfer All Utilities Into Renters Name Prior to Move In.
  3. Look for Balance of Keys and Garage / Gate Remotes in One of the Kitchen Drawers.
  4. Fill Out and Return the Inventory and Condition Form within 15 Days.
  5. Do Not Remove Lockbox From the Door or Hose Bib!
  6. Within 1-3 Business Days of move in, Managers ReKey will contact the renter to arrange for the state required lock change with the renter present at the home.

MANAGERS REKEY: (216) 202-0483

With this optional program, renters may surrender the use of their home by leaving all keys and remotes on top of the kitchen counters and by then sending an email to our office indicating they have surrendered the home and vacated. There is a charge of $25.00.

  1. Outgoing renters are required to place all keys and remotes turned over to them at the beginning of the lease on top of the kitchen counters.
  2. Outgoing renters agree to take a picture of the items left behind and email that picture. Include the address in the subject line.
  3. Renter agrees that by sending a picture of the keys and remotes left in the home that this will indicate they are surrendering the home and vacated.

SECURITY DEPOSIT FAST RETURN: In accordance with the lease agreement and Texas Property Code, the property manager has 30 days from lease end to account for the security deposit in writing. As an optional program – we can offer a 10 Day Fast Return for $75.00 to be completed within 10 calendar days from the date of surrender.

Lockbox Maintenance Access

As a value added service to our renters, we now offer the convenience of maintenance requests being completed without requiring the renter to be present during the time the work is being performed. We will arrange for vendor access into the home by a key inside of a lockbox affixed to the home.

This is an OPTIONAL program that will allow repairs to be completed when you are not home.

COST: $25.00 Per Work Order will be charged to offset the cost of each lockbox and as an offer of convenience to our renters. This is a one-time charge per work order.

  • Alarms must be Disabled – Or Code Provided
  • There may be no minors present – alone – in the home during this repair
  • All Pets must be Contained or Removed from the home
  • Ensure all dead-bolt locks are NOT engaged
  • This program may not apply if the Home Owner carries a Home Warranty
  • An $85 Trip Fee will be charged if the home cannot be accessed after an appointment has been scheduled.


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